Beard Micropigmentation

Beard micropigmentation, also called facial micropigmentation, is a procedure very similar to scalp micropigmentation with the only difference being the area that is treated.

Facial micropigmentation is an ideal solution for men who struggle with growing an even stubble.

How Does Beard Pigmentation Work?

Micropigmentation is a technique of treating bald patches by applying special pigment underneath the skin with the use of a thin blade or needles, depending on whether the result is supposed to look like individual strands of hair or like hair follicles. The micropigmentation specialist recreates each hair strand or follicle manually to achieve a natural look.

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Facial Micropigmentation Benefits

  1. The client determines the wanted result.
  2. Beard micropigmentation is painless.
  3. The procedure is fast, and no surgery or general anaesthetization is needed.
  4. The results are visible immediately and last up to three years.
  5. After the treatment, the stubble will look denser and more even.

Beard Micropigmentation in 5 Steps

The whole procedure is very fast and easy, and it is completed in 5 steps:

  1. The treatment is preceded by a free consultation where the beard micropigmentation is planned. The client chooses the exact areas to be covered and the density of the pigmentation.
  2. A pigment is selected for the micropigmentation to match the natural colour of the beard.
  3. Before the procedure, the treated area is locally anaesthetized with a cream.
  4. The micropigmentation specialist carries out the procedure.
  5. Afterwards the client must treat the affected areas according to the instructions received.

Beard Micropigmentation Cost

The cost of beard micropigmentation varies according to the area that is covered and the density chosen. The cost is determined individually at the consultation before the treatment.

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