SMP Hair Treatment

SMP hair treatment is an easy, fast and effective way to make receding or thinning hair look richer. SMP is the abbreviation for scalp micropigmentation, but sometimes the procedure is also called microblading, trichopigmentation or hair tattoo.

The SMP treatment can help with various hair loss problems and both men and women undergo it regularly. Scalp micropigmentation helps by covering bald areas in the hair, scars, correcting the hairline or making the hair look thicker.

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SMP for Hairline Correction

The forehead hairline tattoo is one of the most popular SMP options. Micropigmentation helps to mask a receding hairline so that it looks more even, and it can also optically change the size of the forehead. After SMP, a naturally symmetric and full hairline replaces a receding hairline.

SMP for Thinning Hair

Many customers are choosing SMP to thicken their hair. The individual strokes of the pigment will visually add density to both short and long hair.

SMP Bald Patches

Scalp micropigmentation is very effective in covering bald patches or scars on the scalp. Strokes of pigment can mask bald areas in long hair and dots of pigment mask bald patches in short hair by creating the appearance of shaved hair.

SMP for Crown Hair Loss

A very frequent SMP for men is that performed on the crown. The crown is the area on the top of the head, and it is where many men experience hair loss naturally.

SMP and Long Hair

Even though scalp micropigmentation is usually sought-after by people with short hair, it can enhance the look of long hair too by covering bald patches or adding density to thinning hair.

SMP Tattoo Benefits

There are more advantages of scalp micropigmentation to those already mentioned:


  1. The procedure is painless, some clients may feel only a slight prickling.
  2. The pigment used is developed for SMP specifically and has the properties of a medical product. It is certified, safe, and made to match the hair colour perfectly.
  3. The clients can decide on their last appearance themselves.
  4. There is no need for surgery or general anaesthesia.
  5. The results are immediate and long-lasting (up to 3 years).
  6. SMP restores the rich look of your hair and your confidence.

SMP Hair Procedure in 5 Steps


  • 1. step

    Before the treatment itself, the SMP specialist will meet you for a free consultation to agree on the specific area and density of the micropigmentation.

  • 2. step

    Then a pigment will be selected to match your hair colour perfectly.

  • 3. step

    Before the micropigmentation, something will anesthetize locally the chosen area with the use of a special cream.

  • 4. step

    The SMP specialist carries out the treatment on your scalp.

  • 5. step

    After the procedure, take care of the affected area and treat it according to the instructions given to you by the SMP specialist so that it may achieve the best SMP results.

The technique of the SMP procedure consists in applying the pigment underneath the skin of the scalp with the use of a special thin blade or a device with several thin needles, depending on the desired last look. The SMP specialist draws every single hair manually to achieve the appearance of individual strands or hair follicles to create a natural look.

SMP Cost

The price depends on each individual procedure, the area the customer wants to cover and with what density. It established the price during the consultation prior to the treatment.

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