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Hair loss, whether partial or complete, is a common concern for many men and women. Its treatment options are incredibly varied today, ranging from various supplements and medications to hair transplants.

Hair tattoo, also known as scalp micropigmentation or trichopigmentation, is one such solution to hair loss. Far less invasive than a conventional transplant, it can give your hair a fuller appearance, mask areas of hair loss, smoothen your hairline, and, most importantly, give you a new lease of confidence and satisfaction with your own appearance.

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How Does Hair Tattoo Work?

The hair tattoo procedure involves pigment insertion into the upper layers of your scalp using a special needle. It can be used to mimic the appearance hair follicles or even of individual hairs.

A good specialist will always consider your hairline, hair colour and density to achieve the most natural-looking effect possible.

Hair tattoo pigment is medically certified so as not to cause any allergic reaction and to last longer after application. There is a wide colour palette to suit almost any individual hair.


When to Choose Head Tattooing?

  • When you wish to mask the effects of hair loss and male or female pattern baldness
  • When you wish to correct an uneven hairline or improve the proportions of your face (for example when having a large forehead)
  • When you wish to add more perceived density and thickness to your thin or sparse hair
  • When you wish to cover bald patches on your temples, crown or anywhere else on your head
  • When you wish to hide scars on your scalp after injuries or operations
Acceptance doesn’t have to be the only solution to balding, thin or uneven hair. Get the look you deserve. Choose micropigmentation. Let’s get started

Benefits of Hair Tattoo for Men & Women Both

  • A solution that persists. Micropigmented scalp stays with you 24/7, indoors or outdoors. You can partake in any activity while staying confident in your appearance.
  • Immediate results. With hair transplants or use of hair-restoring medication, it might take months until positive changes take place. Micropigmentation for bald spots, on the other hand, is almost instant.
  • Long-lasting. Depending on your disposition (oily scalp, immune system response etc.), micropigmentation can last up to 3 years before needing to be renewed.
  • You’re in charge of your look. It’s you who has the final word with regards to the pigment colour and tattoo shape.
  • No “either-or”. SMP doesn’t preclude other hair loss treatments.
  • Safe, sterile & painless. The whole procedure is conducted with medically certified pigments and in hygienic conditions. Everything is painless, as a local anaesthetic cream is applied beforehand.

Examples of hair tattoo procedure


Full Baldness SMP or Just a Hairline Tattoo – Check Out Our Results

Whether a Full Hair Just Hairline Microblading, These Stages Are the Same


  • 1. Free consultation

    This can be done either in person, or via social networks or phone/online messengers. We’ll consider the area which needs to be camouflaged and answer all your questions you might have beforehand. We’ll set the date of your procedure.

  • 2. Pigment selection

    Before your procedure starts, we’ll be selecting a pigment that best matches your skin and hair colour.

  • 3. Anaesthesia

    The treated area will be covered with topical anaesthetic cream before we start.

  • 4. The procedure

    We’ll get to work on the micropigmentation itself. Depending on the treated area, the procedure can take between 2-4 hours.

  • 5. Aftercare

    The success of the procedure depends a great deal on the correct aftercare. We’ll give you all the instructions you need in this regard.

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Wish To Cover Your Bald Head? Tattooed Hair Is a Great Solution. But Come Prepared…

If you feel that SMP hair tattoo is the correct choice for you, be mindful of both the absolute and relative contraindications (more on that later), as well as the general “pre-op” rules. These are the following:

  • Hair tattoos for guys and girls both can’t be performed if the scalp is sunburnt, has rashes, wounds or any inflammations.
  • Blood thinning medications or vasoconstrictors should be discontinued at least 10 days before procedure.
  • Do not tan at least 10 days before your SMP. We need to know your natural skin tone to choose the right pigment.
  • Alcohol, stimulating drinks (including strong tea, coffee, Coca Cola or energy drinks), skincare products, hair serums or spicy food – all of these should be avoided 24 hours prior to your procedure, as they contribute to blood thinning.
  • Avoid smoking at least 2 hours before your SMP.

Absolute Micro Hair Tattoo Contraindications

  1. Subfebrile and high temperature.
  2. A period of exacerbation of any illness.
  3. Blood disorders: Von Willebrand disease, haemophilia, hypertension.
  4. Predisposition towards keloid scars.
  5. Oncological diseases.
  6. ARI, URTI, acute inflammatory diseases, initial stages of the common cold.
  7. Epilepsy.
  8. Asthma.
  9. Hepatitis, HIV, AIDS.
  10. The presence of unknown neoplasms, especially in the areas where the procedure will be conducted.
  11. Mental disorders.
  12. Surgical operations, plastic surgery and subcutaneous infiltration in the period of stabilisation (1-6 months).
  13. Chemo/radio therapy.

Relative Scalp Tattoo for Hair Loss Contraindications

  1. Allergy and hypersensitivity to components of the pigment.
  2. Dermatitis, acute pyoderma, and psoriasis in the areas where the procedure will be conducted.
  3. Weakened immunity, rehabilitation period after surgical and cosmetic operations.
  4. Consumption of corticosteroids, strong antibiotics, anticoagulants, retinoids (possible scarring, delayed healing), vitamins and dietary supplements, alcohol.
  5. Pregnancy and lactation period (first 4 months). It is not recommended to undergo permanent makeup procedures in the first trimester. In the second and third trimesters and the lactation period, the procedure may be conducted only with the permission of a doctor in the case that the client will easily tolerate the procedure (as in no pain-relieving medication will be needed).


How to Take Good Care of Your Hair Follicle Tattoo

A good post-procedural aftercare is half the success, whether you’ve chosen a smaller receding hairline tattoo or went for a full balding tattoo.

Shortly after the procedure (approx. 7-10 days), don’t be alarmed that the tattooed areas look darker than expected. Everything will lighten soon and match your chosen colour more faithfully.

  • Chlorhexidine or Cordysol must be used to treat the affected skin areas during the healing period (7-10 days).
  • Do not wash your hair for 3 days so that the pigment has time to settle.
  • During the healing period (7-10 days), avoid sunbathing or makeup application to the area.
  • Baths, saunas or swimming pools should be off-limits to you for at least 2 weeks after your SMP.
  • Don’t scratch, touch or peel the healing area even if it itches!
  • You will be handed a pamphlet detailing all the aftercare recommendations in greater detail – don’t worry!

For your hair pigmentation to be really perfect, an additional correcting procedure will probably be necessary. The correction usually takes place 1-3 months after the first procedure. A single procedure, even if it yields great results, is not considered complete!

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