About us

My name is Alesia Rybak, and I am a professional certified specialist in aesthetic dermapigmentation, as well as manual and mechanical micropigmentation of the eyebrows, lips and eyelids and microblading. I am also a specialist in the removal of low-quality tattoos with a tattoo remover.

I have been practicing dermapigmentation since 2013. I regularly take part in master classes and conferences on the topics of dermapigmentation, micropigmentation, and microblading. I conduct my own specialist training in the format of a group and individual sessions.

I enjoy every consultation and meeting with a patient because I am doing what I love! I am happy when I see that I could make each of you more beautiful and happier! Even if it is only thanks to the fact that I give emphasis to your eyes, brows and lips, create the finest lines and the most delicate colors or eliminate aesthetic imperfections (scars, stretch marks, under eye circles, the effects of alopecia).

The result of my work looks so natural and discreet as if you are wearing light daytime makeup, but it stays with you 24 hours a day. It doesn’t wash off, doesn’t

smudge and doesn’t need reapplying… Plus I believe that I don’t just create and give beauty, but often help clients with their psychological issues, bringing them joy and putting them in a good mood!

But a specialist in aesthetic dermapigmentation has a socially important role - we participate in a complex of measures for the rehabilitation of patients with cosmetic defects. The work in these cases is painstaking, requires special training, a huge amount of tact and a sincere desire to help. It is very important to know perfectly the technological subtleties, to understand color, to engage with the pigments with which you work. In this case, the work does not allow for a right to make mistakes.


The benefits of a procedure at our centre:

  • The work is carried out with the latest generation of pens and for permanent makeup, we use certified pigments Long Time Liner, Npm, Purebeau, Icolor, Sof Tap.
  • All associated and consumable materials are purchased only from official representatives, which guarantees their quality and safety.
  • The use of high-quality anaesthesia. Before the procedure, several types of anaesthesia are used, and, if necessary, additional anaesthetic is used during the procedure, which gives the client maximal painlessness and comfort.
  • Only disposable supplies are used during procedures: needles, caps, gloves, medical masks, hats, sheets, napkins, etc
  • The rules of antiseptic handling and disinfection are strictly observed before, during and after procedures.
  • We posses all the necessary permits and licenses for the relevant activities issued by the competent authorities of the Czech Republic, including the Ministry of Education, Health and Industry.
  • Years of experience and hundreds of happy clients make for a guarantee that you too will be satisfied.
  • Cooperation with experts not only from the Czech Republic, but also from Russia, the USA, England, Germany, Israel, Estonia and Slovakia.
  • Constant professional development: from passing the latest courses and training programs to finding out the latest technological innovations and techniques, and then applying them in practice.
  • I am a perfectionist and approach my work with responsibility; I try to do my job well. For me, a perfect result after a procedure is the best reward and the best form of advertising!

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