Service Price
Eyebrows micropigmentation: Hd line or Powder brows 7.500 Czk/ 4.000 Czk*
Lips micropigmentation: Lollipop or Nude 7.500 Czk/ 5.000 Czk*
Eyelid micropigmentation: Lash Line 6.000 Czk/ 3.000 Czk*
Eyelid micropigmentation: Elegant Look Liner or Nude Shadow 3.500 – 4.000 Czk* Czk
Aesthetic camouflage of skin defects 2.000 – 14.000 Czk**
Nipple-areola complex dermapigmentation 5.000 – 8.500 Czk**
Trichopigmentation: Whole head 29.000 – 49.000 Czk
Trichopigmentation: Crown 17.000 Czk
Trichopigmentation: Frontal part-temporal lobes 4.000 – 13.000 Czk**
Trichopigmentation: Addition of hair density 15.000 – 17.000 Czk**
BB Perfect skin 6.000 Czk/ 5.000 Czk*

4.200 Czk/ 3.500 Czk* – touch up to 12 month after the procedure

Aesthetic camouflage of dark circles under eyes 5.000 Czk
Permanent makeup removal* 2.500 Czk
Lashes: Lamination (or with botox) 1.100/ 1.200 Czk
Brows: Lamination (or with botox)  1.300/ 1.400 Czk*
Brows: Aesthetic Brows Shaping and Dyeing 750 Czk
Brows: Men’s eyebrow shaping 400 Czk

All the procedures are conducted by the lead specialist of the center Alesia Rybak

* the procedures are conducted by the specialist Anna

** prices are always calculated individually based on the size of the micropigmentation zone

Touch up procedures

Touch up is not included in the price of the initial procedure.

Each additional touch up procedure is done for a separate fee according to the actual price list:

  • up to 3 months after the initial procedure – for 50% of the cost of the main procedure,
  • from 3 to 12 months after the initial procedure – for 70% of the cost of the main procedure
  • refresh, from 1 to 1.5 years after the initial procedure – for 80% of the cost of the main procedure.

We strongly recommend not neglecting touch up after the initial procedure!

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