Our Services

  • Eyebrows micropigmentation

    Eyebrows strongly affect the appearance of the girl, so deserve a lot of attention. The shape of the eyebrows can dramatically change the facial expression, emphasize the eyes and add to your face a highlight.

  • Lips micropigmentation

    Full and seductive lips without make-up, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – natural tones using nude technique or juicy tones using watercolor technique.

  • Eyelids micropigmentation

    Eyelid/eyelash enhancement, the effect of a shadow or a playful line, can all be achieved with the help of micropigmentation. These will make your eyes look much more vivid day and night.

  • Aesthetic camouflage
    of skin defects

    Long-term masking of skin imperfections, such as scars, stretch marks, traces of vitiligo or couperose using dermapigmentation.

  • Nipple-areola
    complex dermapigmentation

    Aesthetic improvement of the appearance of areolas after childbirth, surgeries, and other reasons for their deformation. Restoring their shape and symmetry.

  • Trichopigmentation

    Quick and painless solution for men and women who’ve got partial or full alopecia (hair loss, spot baldness) using the procedure of aesthetic camouflage.

  • BB Perfect Skin

    BB cream effect for a period of one year using a special medical pigmenting cocktail with hyaluronic acid with dewy and nourished skin as a result.

  • Aesthetic camouflage of dark circles under eyes

    Covering dark circles for a long period using painless method of dermapigmentation, which is a great solution for one of the most sensitive parts of skin.

  • With the help of the Remover procedure, you can easily and conveniently remove permanent makeup, without the use of laser and other techniques.