Scalp Microblading

Scalp microblading is another term used for scalp micro pigmentation, sometimes also called trichopigmentation or hair tattoo. It is a cosmetic procedure that optically enhances receding or thinning hair, adding density and volume to it.

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Scalp Microblading for Hair Loss

Microblading balding or receding hair can be an ideal solution for many men and women suffering from hair loss. Using microblading for men’s hair is more frequent than in the case of women, but many women struggle with thinning hair and can also benefit greatly from undergoing this procedure.

Microblading can be used to camouflage bald patches on the scalp, whether they are caused by thinning hair or by scars. The areas that generally suffer the most from hair loss are the crown or the hair part, hairline, or temporal lobes. Microblading is also used to cover scalps suffering from complete baldness. The microblading of men’s hairline is the most common procedure, as it is normal that many men experience problems with a receding hairline.

How Does Microblading of Scalp Work?

Microblading is essentially a hair tattoo where the pigment is embedded into the top layers of the scalp.

The micro pigmentation specialist uses a device that consists of several thin needles that create the look of having short, shaved hair where you can see the individual follicles. Alternatively, they can use a single needle or blade to recreate each strand, making short strokes manually so it looks like the technician is microblading hair on the head.

The pigment used is designed especially for micropigmentation, which means it is completely safe and ensures a result that looks as natural as possible. The specialist selects some pigment from underneath your skin before the procedure to match your tone perfectly.

Each procedure is planned out individually according to the needs of the particular client. The whole process is very simple and consists of five stages:

  • 1. stage

    Free consultation before the procedure where the microblading is planned in detail

  • 2. stage

    Collection of pigment

  • 3. stage

    Anaesthetizing the area locally before the actual microblading with the use of a cream

  • 4. stage

    Microblading on the scalp

  • 5. stage

    Post-procedure treatment

The client will be informed about the conditions in which the scalp needs to be kept in the days following the procedure.

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8 Benefits of Microblading for Scalp Hair Loss

There are several reasons to choose the technique of microblading for balding issues.

  1. Microblading is very effective in covering up bald patches, adding density to thinning hair or correcting the hairline.
  2. We only use local anaesthetics without the need for injections.
  3. The procedure hurts very little. Usually, only subtle prickling is experienced.
  4. The effects are visible immediately and there is no need for any recovery.
  5. Microblading is semi-permanent, it lasts for up to three years.
  6. The clients can determine the final look themselves.
  7. The results look natural by imitating individual strands of hair.
  8. Microblading revives the overall look of the hairstyle, whether the hair is long or short, and thus helps with boosting confidence.

What You Should Know Before Undergoing Microblading on Head

  1. The procedure can only be carried out if the scalp is in good condition, without wounds or inflammation.
  2. The use of blood-thinning and vasoconstriction medication, sunbathing and indoor tanning should be avoided for 10 days before microblading.
  3. Alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food should not be consumed 24 hours before the procedure.
  4. Smoking should be avoided for at least 2 hours before the procedure.
  5. Antibiotics should not be used for two weeks afterwards because it could result in the skin rejecting the pigment.
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