Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

Women may suffer from thinning hair as well as men. The reasons which cause hair loss can be diverse, from medical conditions to emotional stress. Scalp micropigmentation for women is a common procedure that can help give your hair back its abundant look.

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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women as a Hair Loss Solution

Scalp micropigmentation is sometimes also called “hair tattoo” because it consists of applying pigment underneath the skin with the help of special needles. It is a great solution for those who are dissatisfied with their hair, whether it is thin, has bald patches, or a receding hairline. Micropigmentation can be used to hide scars on the scalp as well!

Scalp Micropigmentation for Long Hair

Generally, micropigmentation is chosen by those with short hair, but it can be very effective for people with long hair too. The hair tattoo is able to achieve the visual effect of a shaved hair on the bald scalp, but it can also add density to long but thinning hair by concealing areas where hair loss is visible.

Hair Tattoo for Different Areas

Women’s hairline tattoo is nothing unusual, as women can encounter the problem with a receding hairline too. Hairline tattoo for women might be less frequent than hairline tattoo for men, but it is definitely no less effective and beneficial.

Other areas that often suffer from hair loss are:

  • the crown, which is the top part at the back of the scalp
  • hair part (especially in the case of women)
  • temporal lobes in the frontal part

Another possibility is the micropigmentation of the whole head for those who suffer from complete hair loss or adding density to hair that is very thin.

The prices of micropigmentation depend on the size and location of the area that is being treated.

How Does Female Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

The same way as any other scalp micropigmentation! Every treatment is tailored individually according to your personal needs.

  1. At the beginning, each client has a free consultation during which the procedure is planned. Afterwards, the client’s unique pigment is collected from underneath the skin.
  2. Before the treatment, the particular area is locally anaesthetized using a special cream. We do not use any injections.
  3. The micropigmentation itself is done by a thin needle, which the micropigmentation specialist uses to apply the pigment underneath the skin. We can either use a single needle to recreate each individual strand or use a device that has multiple needles which embed dots of pigment underneath the skin to make them look like hair follicles. The first technique where a single needle is used is also called microblading.

    The needles do not reach as deep under the skin as in the case of standard tattoos, and the procedure also hurts less than getting a normal tattoo. Often it does not hurt at all! You will usually only feel a slight discomfort.

  4. After the treatment, the pigmented area needs to be kept dry and clean for several days. Every client will get a set of instructions on how to take care of their scalp following the procedure.

  5. Depending on the extent of the treatment, it generally takes 1-3 sessions. This will ensure that the pigment is applied in multiple layers and well blended, providing a natural-looking result.

Hair tattoo is semi-permanent as it lasts for up to three years!

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