SMP after Hair Transplant

Scalp micropigmentation is often chosen as an alternative to hair transplant, but many undergo the combination of both and choose to go for SMP after hair transplant.

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SMP after Hair Transplant is Recommended

Hair transplant, or follicular unit extraction (FUE), is a surgical procedure during which the client’s hair is distributed from places where it is abundant to places affected by hair loss.

The scalp tends to be very tender after the surgery, sometimes even antibiotics are needed for the recovery. The transplanted hair falls out after around two weeks and new hair grows in the same place only after 6 to 9 months.

Hair transplant and SMP create an effective combination for achieving the best results in combating hair loss. Each procedure has a different effect and they complement each other perfectly.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation after Hair Transplant

  1. Covering Bald Areas after Hair Transplant
    As it takes months for new hair to grow on the transplanted area, it will remain bald during that period and SMP can be a brilliant solution of how to cover those spots in the meantime. However, the scalp is so sore after the hair transplant that it takes time for it to recover enough for the micropigmentation to be carried out. Another option is to undergo SMP shortly before the hair transplant surgery. You can go for the hair transplant after micropigmentation almost immediately as there is no need for recovery.
  2. SMP Scar Camouflage
    Scalp micropigmentation is often used also for covering up scars that remain on the scalp after a hair transplant. We can use SMP for any scar repair. The pigment is used to create the effect of hair follicles on the scars so that their original colour is camouflaged.
  3. Combining SMP and FUE Together to Treat Thin Hair
    If you went for a hair transplant and your new hair has grown, but is still thin, micropigmentation can add more density to it and keep a natural look.
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