Microblading is a modern permanent makeup technique, designed to give your eyebrows the perfect shape, shade and density. A sought-after alternative to conventional decorative makeup, this method allows your eyebrows to stay unchanged for up to 1-2 years!

When to Choose Microblading?

  • When your eyebrows are thin or plucked-out too much
  • When you’re not satisfied with their shape
  • When you think their shade is too drab
  • When there are scars or empty spaces in between the hairs
  • When the eyebrows are asymmetrical
Few facial features attract more attention than the eyebrows. Let us turn yours into the most beautiful brows around! Order this procedure

Microblading, Eyeliner, Permanent lips… What do They Have in Common?

These are all long-lasting cosmetic procedures that can be encompassed under the umbrella of permanent makeup. In all of these cases, a fine, sharp pen is used to deposit pigment just under the skin, thus achieving the desired colour and shape of either eyebrows, eye lines or lips. We would like you to refer you to the respective service if you’re interested in either the lips permanent makeup or eyelids permanent makeup. If it’s microblading you’re after, then keep on reading!


Cosmetic Microblading Is Simply Perfect for Achieving that Natural Look You Aim For

A safe and effective technique, microblading consists of creating fine, individual hair strokes by scratching the skin with an extremely thin needle pen while simultaneously depositing pigment into it. It may sound deceptively simple, but you can’t trust anyone else other than a skilled cosmetic specialist to do it correctly. Luckily, that’s what we in our cosmetic studio are here for!


Microblading and permanent makeup procedures like it require preparation…

Whichever of of our services you decide to choose, all will follow a similar course, the first being:

  1. Consultation
    • Each of our procedures is preceded by an initial consultation, during which we’ll explain every detail about how is it done. We’ll prepare the necessary documents and consent form for you to sign.
  2. The draft
    • We’ll prepare a draft that we think would suit you the best and make any eventual adjustments according to your suggestions.
  3. The pigments
    • We’ll mix the correct pigment shade that reflects your phototype.
  4. Anaesthesia
    • We anaesthetise the brow area with an anaesthetic cream. No injections are used!
  5. The procedure itself
    • In the case of microblading, the whole procedure lasts about 60-120 minutes. After everything’s done, you will be given recommendations on the following aftercare.
  6. Repeat is necessary
    • After several weeks, another procedure is typically required to solidify the results of the first and giving your brows the final touch.
Come and undergo a painless procedure, after which your eyebrows will have the shape and shade you always wished for! I want perfect eyebrows

Let Us Mix a Perfect Pigment for Your Microblading. Semi Permanent Results that Last Longer Are Guaranteed!

Every client is unique, and we must always carefully choose the right pigment to correspond with your skin type and age. We always try to suggest pigments that we deem the most natural and harmonious. Of course, you might have a different idea of how your eyebrows should look like and we’re ready to respect it.

Keep in mind, though, that we use high quality pigments that will last a long time. Though the result is not permanent, but rather semi-permanent, it can last for up to two years! Choose very carefully, though you still have the option to undergo permanent makeup removal here!


How to Prepare for Microblading?

At least a month prior, you shouldn’t shave or pluck your eyebrows. We need to determine how your hairs grow as well as their colour and density. It is also very helpful to come to the consultation wearing your regular makeup so that we can see how it would match with your new eyebrows.

Besides that, there are other recommendations before your procedure:

  • At least 14 days prior to your procedure, you should refrain from taking antibiotics. The same goes for when the microblading is over – another 14 days without antibiotics.
  • Do not tan at least 10 days before the procedure, so that your skin has its natural tone. Otherwise it would be difficult to choose the correct pigment.
  • During the 24 hours before the procedure, you should not drink alcohol or stimulating drinks. Do not use caring cosmetics or growth serums.
  • You should not smoke at least 2 hours before your microblading starts.


Most Likely, the Procedure will Have to be Repeated

We aim to achieve the most natural look for your eyebrows and to underline your beauty. The pigments we choose are very gentle, chosen not to provoke aggressive reactions from your immune system. They are highly adhesive, but it’s still very common for your body to try and expel them, since it considers them a foreign substance. About 40-60% of the original, “first-wave” pigment can be excluded this way.

After about 30 days, we assess how many % of the pigment are left and what is the current state of your skin. After that, we may proceed to add a second pigment layer. Without this corrective procedure, the microblading is typically not considered as complete.

The correction allows for:

  • Reaching a much more long-lasting effect
  • Spreading the pigment more evenly
  • Correcting any eventual imperfections
  • Achieving proper saturation
  • Improving the eyebrow shape.
Just two quick procedures equal up to two years of boasting beautiful eyebrows. You’ll hardly find a better tradeoff – come and sign up to microblading! Make my eyebrows stand out

Be It Your First or Second Treatment, It Is Necessary to Abide by Aftercare Rules

  • It’s not uncommon for your brows to be slightly reddish after the treatment. Don’t worry, this is natural, as is the forming of scabs on the incision areas.
  • Your brows may itch, but do not attempt to scratch them under any circumstances! Let the scabs heal and fall off on their own.
  • You will be recommended a tincture that can speed up the healing process, but you should not use other care or decorative cosmetics.
  • Also, we recommend avoiding thermal procedures, as well as shortening your showers and washing your hair – any prolonged contact with water will do your eyebrow pigment no good in the initial stages.
  • After your brows are fully healed, use a sunscreen with a high protection factor to prevent the pigment from fading.

Remember, the overall duration of the pigment depends both on the proper aftercare, as well as on your age, skin type, chosen pigment shade and the immune reaction of your system. Frequent tanning and peeling use also tends to shorten the duration of the microblading effect, so you shouldn’t overdo it with them!


Why Choose our Studio?

First of all, because we have years of experience in permanent makeup. Our lead specialist, Alesia Rybak, is a certified professional and is active in this field since 2013. Of course, PM techniques are constantly evolving, and we do our best to stay on top! Just ask hundreds of our satisfied customers that we’ve served over the years!

We use only safe, sterile and modern tools of the latest generation. All of our disposable materials are acquired from trusted manufacturers. The pigments we choose are completely safe and non-threatening either to human health or the specific area of their application.

We prioritise your comfort and use potent anaesthetics cream, greatly reducing any discomfort you might feel during the treatment.

And, above all, we love what we do and are eager to let the beauty of each of our customers shine through!

Come to a preliminary appointment with us and learn more about this or any other of our procedures! You decide which one, if any, is the right for you – there’s no pressure! Contact us

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