Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

Scalp micropigmentation, also called microblading, trichopigmentation or hair tattoo, is a cosmetic procedure of applying pigment underneath the skin on the head to give the hair a richer appearance.

The scalp micropigmentation cost is very affordable and favourable given the striking positive effects the procedure has on the appearance of those who struggle with baldness or receding and thinning hair and consequently also their confidence.

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8 Reasons Why the Scalp Micropigmentation Cost Is Worth It

  1. Micropigmentation offers a great solution to people who are unhappy with the density of their hair.
  2. It is able to cover bald areas on the scalp, whether they are caused by illness, stress or scars.
  3. Micropigmentation can be used for correcting the hairline and changing the proportions of the forehead.
  4. The treatment is fast and efficient, the client will see the results right after the microblading.
  5. The treatment is safe and sterile, and it is convened by our certified micropigmentation specialists.
  6. Microblading is almost completely painless, it hurts less than a conventional tattoo.
  7. No surgical intervention takes place, no injections, only local anaesthetization.
  8. The effects of scalp micropigmentation are semi-permanent, they last around 3 years, depending on the skin characteristics of each individual.

What Procedure Will You Get for the Scalp Micropigmentation Price?

The process of getting a scalp hair tattoo is very easy. It only takes a couple of steps. Learn what the cost of the SMP hair treatment includes:

  1. First comes a free consultation with one of our micropigmentation specialists. The client can express their vision of what the hair should look like, and the specialist will plan out the procedure accordingly. The client can choose the areas that should be covered and the density of the microblading.
  2. The pigment that matches the client’s tone the best is selected.
  3. A topical cream is used to anaesthetize the area locally before the microblading starts.
  4. The technician carries out the procedure using very thin special needles to place the pigment under the surface of the scalp. This technique results in what looks like individual follicles or strands of hair, giving the scalp a natural appearance.
  5. After the work is done, the scalp needs to be taken care of well. The client will get information on how to treat the scalp in the period following the micropigmentation.

Scalp Pigmentation Cost in 4 Categories

There are four main price categories depending on the treatment. The table shows the average costs of scalp micropigmentation:

whole head 29 000 – 49 000 czk
crown 17 000 czk
frontal part – temporal lobes 4 000 – 13 000 czk
addition of hair density 15 000 – 17 000 czk

However, the price of the individual procedure is greatly dependent on the size of the micropigmentation area. Each client is going to have personal needs and wishes. The whole process is planned together with the client during a consultation before the treatment, where the desired area, density and pigmentation are discussed.

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