Eyebrows micropigmentation is the most popular procedure among the permanent makeup list. For the intervention is exacting the cost is even. Our studio offers reasonable prices and high quality of the procedure. Why is it all worthy?

What is the price for permanent makeup and how long it will last?

Our Prague cosmetic studio is located in the centre and being always near you is what you can appreciate the most. Permanent makeup prices range between 2000 and 6000 CZK. For eyebrow tattooing we charge from 4000 to 5000 Czech crowns.

The pigment etched into your eyebrows can last from one to two years. Depending on the stage of your skin, especially how oily your skin is, and on your home care. Permanent eyeliner can last even longer up to 3 years. And it is no more expensive than 4000 CZK. With both you can get a perfect look for long months and years!

Do you want to have your permanent makeup completed? Add lips micropigmentation. You can choose lollipop lips for maximum effect or nude lips for natural look.


Is it a good deal?

Imagine that you can spend less time in front of the mirror. That your eyebrows are perfect and don´t need any touch ups. That you get up from the bed and your face looks refreshed. How does it sound to you? Yes, we know… like a dream!

Let´s assume that the eyebrow tattoo last 18 months in average and the cost is 4 000 CZK. Then you pay around 220 CZK a month. Two hundred crowns for one month means two coffees in Starbucks. It is a good deal for reaching a perfect look and self-confidence, isn´t it?

Eyebrows define the features of your face. They can make you look younger, fresh and well-tended.

You don´t have to struggle with tweezers and eyebrow pencils. You don´t have to care whether you sweat while jogging or whether you want to go swimming. You eyebrows will be always perfect. With all this you will increase your self-confidence which seems to be the best reason to undergo microblading.


Don´t forget touch ups!

The colour in eyebrow tattooing is deposited superficially. That means it may require at least one additional correction after the main procedure. The touch ups are essential to accomplish the intervention. Each additional care is charged with a separate fee. This price is set up according to the time of reservation. The sooner you come for touch ups the cheaper it will cost you.


Believe in professionals

You can find a lot of cosmeticians throughout the Internet that provide permanent makeup on sale or undervalued. Choose wisely and in any case insist on seeing the certificate and qualification. Our services are highly qualified and substantiated by long years experiences.

We are here to help you out with any requirements. Do not hesitate to ask or book a date for the consultation.