Micropigmentation is gaining popularity nowadays. It’s no wonder, because it helps you to look well cared at any time without any effort on your part. There are many misconceptions and conjectures connected with the process despite its popularity. The most widespread are in the article.

Misconception 1. Permanent makeup is painful.

Human hair begins its grow at a depth from 2 to 2.5 mm on the face and to 4.5 mm on other skin area. Modern micropigmentation machines let the pigment penetrate to a depth from 0.2 to 1 mm (it depends on the pigmentation zone). Therefore, plucking eyebrows causes more discomfort than the process of micropigmentation for many clients. In order prevent possible discomfort, a permanent makeup specialist uses local anesthesia (cream, gel).

Misconception 2. The result looks unnatural.

The needle diameter is almost equal to a human hair’s one. This feature and a special form of the needle help the specialist to draw hairs that are indistinguishable from the real ones. The other fear is that the result will look unnatural due to an inappropriate color. This possibility is excluded in our center. The specialist can always select the color that will naturally fit the skin or hair.

Misconception 3. Micropigmentation stays forever.

Many people compare micropigmentation with a tattooing. However, this is incorrect. Tattoo pigments are introduced deeper than micropigmentation ones and have a different chemical composition. They contain more inorganic substances that are not excreted by the body and remain there forever. It is necessary so that the tattoo does not disappear without a trace in a few years. Pigments for permanent makeup contain mostly organic components in their composition, which are eliminated in some time. On the average micropigmentation lasts 1-3 years. Lip or eyebrow makeup goes away faster than the other one. The skin in the area renovates more often and is exposed to different effects. The pigment’s ‘life’ depends on age, skin condition, lifestyle.

AR Aesthetics dermapigmentation center team’s motto is to preserve the harmonious balance of beauty and naturalness, carefully emphasize your virtues and smoothly flatten the weaknesses.