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Underlining your natural features and reducing or completely eliminating your shortcomings – the goal of a permanent makeup artist is simple – to make you beautiful. If you’re looking for a specialist you can trust, then look no further than our aesthetics centre… here, we settle for nothing less than perfection!


Why choose your permanent makeup artist here and not somewhere else?

  • We are licensed permanent makeup artists and carry all the necessary permits and certifications required by Czech authorities to do our craft.
  • We have years of experience under our belt. Permanent makeup is our business since 2013.
  • We stay up to date with the latest technology and use only certified products
  • All of our supplies come only from trusted, official suppliers
  • Our procedures are completely painless! We use several anaesthetics before, and, if need be, during the procedure as well.
  • Hygiene is absolutely paramount at our parlour. We take maximum precautions and maintain sanitary conditions at all times
  • We cooperate with other experts in the field from all over the worlds, sharing knowledge and experience, and also study the newest trends and techniques to constantly improve our results.


We can boast years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. You too can be one of them – make an order today!
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Our cosmetic tattoo artists can do wonders – take a look at the list of our procedures

  • Eyebrow micropigmentation. Restore the natural appearance of your eyebrows, or change its shape and volume. As the name suggest, this can be done with a micropigmentation technique, but microblading can also be employed.
  • Lips micropigmentation. Luscious, full-volume lips are the dream of every women. We can make this dream a reality. You can take your picks from multiple techniques we use to achieve that.
  • Eyelids micropigmentation. Emphasise your eyelashes and eyelines and make your eyes stand out among the eyes of all others.
  • Aesthetic camouflage of skin defects. Stretch marks, scars, vitiligo patches and many other blemishes on your beauty can be remedied. Using a dermapigmentation method, we will make you feel more comfortable with your appearance again.
  • Nipple-areola complex dermapigmentation. We can restore the look of your areaolas after surgeries or other deformations, or simply give them the shape you desire.
  • Trichopigmentation. Hair loss and bald patches can undermine our confidence and make us feel insecure about our appearance. Thankfully, this method of aesthetic camouflage can help in this regard.
  • BB Perfect Skin. A cutting-edge permanent makeup procedure that is non-intrusive, but long-lasting.
  • Aesthetic camouflage of dark circles under eyes. Dark circles under eyes make us look tired and older. This dermapigmentation method can rid you of them.
  • Permanent makeup removal. If you’re dissatisfied with your current permanent makeup, we can easily remove it.

We can set you on a course to become a best permanent makeup artist yourselves!

And by setting you on a course, we mean it literally. At our academy, we run regular courses both for upcoming and already practicing permanent makeup specialists. Whether a career of a tattoo makeup artist interests you or you’re already in the business and wish to increase you expertise, we can help you either way! Stay tuned to all the news of the upcoming courses or make a preliminary inquiry – we’ll be happy to see you!

Become a certified permanent cosmetics professional! There’s no better place to start than one of our courses.

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