Permanent cosmetic studio

Do you desire to have a perfect skin? To have a fresh face even at the morning? To enhance your beautiful face features? If you said yes on some of these questions you´re on the right place. Our permanent cosmetic studio in Prague provides wide range of services to underline your individual beauty.

Why is permanent makeup good for me?

It is natural that we women want to look pretty. In all cases. But we don´t live our lives to struggle with make-up in front of the mirrors day by day. Permanent makeup will help you out in long term, correct smaller or bigger imperfections of your skin and make you feel more confident.

In our cosmetic clinic we offer all newest methods of permanent makeup. The salon is located near to you, in the Prague city centre. We are happy we can base our services on many years of experiences. We stress on the individual care because the happiness in the face of each client is the best reward for us. Our cosmetic studio cooperate with fully qualified specialists and we even give the birth to new cosmetic experts in our permanent makeup academy.

Eyebrows define whole face

You may suffer from sparse hairline, gaps or scars on the eyebrows or you might completely lose your eyebrows due to alopecia, chemotherapy or trauma. The eyebrows are the most important parts of our faces as they define all features and affect facial expression.

Eyebrow microblading will cover the defects, recreate the natural look and simulate the growth of the hair. You don´t have to spend any more minute with drawing the lines of your eyebrows.

We will create a modern look of your dream. Naturally bold eyebrows can accentuate the eyes and make your face unique, fresh and young.

During the intervention we make the missing hair up with special pigment that can last from 1 to 2.5 years. This procedure is recommended for those who miss their own eyebrows or who want to enhance the volume and colour. Sport, swimming, sauna, shower, sleep – nothing will affect the perfection of you eyebrows!

No need for further eyeliner makeup

We believe that every woman is beautiful. The beauty sometimes only need a little help. Eyes are the window to the soul and to highlight those means to make your facial expression more dramatic and prettier.

Eyelids micropigmentation will mask the missing eyelashes and it will substitute a base for daily make-up. No more struggling with eyeliner that wash out anyway in few hours. This permanent eye line will last for months.

Your skin will be shining

Not only teenagers, also adults of all ages suffer from skin imperfections. Uneven skin tone, pigment spots or dark circles under the eyes make our face look tired and older. With BB cream effect or aesthetic camouflage of the dark circles we help your skin shine again. The innovative procedure BB Perfect Skin supply your skin with hyaluronic acid so it nourishes your face and eliminate the need of any foundation.

Even men can gain lost self-confidence

Our tattoo studio provides much more procedures in the field of cosmetic and permanent makeup. Not only women but also men can use our services. They mostly deal with hair loss that can be very unpleasant and frustrating. The procedure of trichopigmentation masks partial or complete hair loss, bald patches or scars through inserting a hairline tattoo.

The prices for permanent makeup are individual but the range is mostly under or around 5000 CZK. Considering that the pigment lasts AT LEAST one year, you pay 13 crowns a day for your perfect look!

Do you still have any hesitation and want to ask further questions? Email us or set up a personal consultation.

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