Permanent makeup

The main goal of our aesthetic clinic is to underline your natural beauty. With the help of permanent makeup, we will emphasise your qualities and mask eventual shortcomings. We are ready to help if improving your eyebrows, lips and eyelines is what you desire. We are also here for you in case you wish to make corrections or a complete permanent makeup removal.

A 100% satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing for us, therefore we consult every procedure thoroughly and carry on with the actual application only when you’re absolutely satisfied with our proposal.


The reasons why to choose our aesthetic clinic for the application of your permanent makeup

  • We hold all the licences and certifications that permit our specialist to do this kind of work.
  • We have an individual approach every customer. As part of the initial consultation, we always go through all of your requests and keep them in mind both during the initial draft and the application itself.
  • During our work, we use only the top-quality instruments and certified pigments.
  • We use a number of one-time tools and the instruments for multiple uses always undergo a strict sterilisation process.
  • We use high-quality anaesthetics. You needn’t fear any injections.


An ever-increasing number of satisfied customers, growing bigger with each year, is a testament to our success. Book a tentative consultation and ask our specialists anything that interests you about our procedures.
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Your permanent or semi-permanent makeup is done by our specialists who carefully choose the right pigment for each client

There are many permanent makeup techniques – the price is determined by our specialists during the initial consultation.

The price is always settled individually based on the chosen techniques and the scope of the area that requires correction. Whether you undergo a first procedure or a correction also determines the final price.

Thanks to a coloristic technique, our specialists are able to mix the perfect pigment shade with regards to the colour tone of your skin and hair. The result is always a colour that is ideal for the specific part of your face and reflects your initial demands.

Thanks to the expertise of our specialists, you will save a great amount of time otherwise spent on everyday applying of makeup on your eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Tattoo makeup of the eyebrows

  • Long-lasting eyebrows permanent makeup
  • Correcting the shape, length and density
  • Reconstruction of partially or completely missing eyebrows
  • Evening out the irregularities between the left and right eyebrow


Cosmetic tattoo of the lips

  • A cutting-edge lips permanent makeup technique
  • Highlighting of their colour
  • Lifting of the drooping corners
  • Giving the lips more “full” appearance
  • Optically increasing their volume
  • Removing of asymmetries


Permanent makeup of the eyelashes

  • Highlighting of the eyes
  • Brightening of your look
  • Optical thickening of the eyelashes


Removal of permanent or semi-permanent makeup

Our specialists will remove the makeup whose results do not satisfy the client. Another reason for the removal might be the makeup changing its colour to an undesirable blue or red shade.


Let your natural beauty be underscored with one of our painless, sterile and safe methods of permanent makeup. Entrust yourselves into the hands of our experienced specialist today!
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Why is the correction of permanent makeup and skin micropigmentation an integral part of the whole procedure and why is it not included in the final price of the initial application

The goal of the procedure is to maintain you natural appearance. It isn’t possible to determine outright how many percent of the applied pigment will stay on your skin. Therefore, during the first application, we choose the path of gentle highlighting, after which will your face appear more beautiful while continuing to look natural.

The resulting effect after the first application directly depends on two factors:

  • How will the body absorb the pigment

The body tends to naturally refuse the pigment as a foreign substance. To determine, how many percent of pigment were left is possible at least 30 days from the initial application.

  • How you will tend to your permanent makeup

Immediately after the procedure, you will receive recommendations as to the aftercare. Unless you abide by them and will try to speed up the healing process in an inappropriate manner, you will never reach the desired result.

The corrective session typically follows 30 days after the initial application. This minimal timeframe must be always respected, only then can the process of skin regeneration be finished and the final effect therefore improved.


The price of the permanent makeup correction

The correction is not included in the price you’re paying for the initial procedure. This is because the specialist cannot determine in advance how will your body react to the pigment and whether you’ll be abiding by all the rules after the procedure.

The correction is considered to be a separate, time-consuming procedure, usually taking about the same amount of time as the main procedure.

The price you’re going to pay is always dependent on the current pricelist at the time of your reservation.

Based on the time of the correction since date of main procedure, you can pay the following % of the main procedure price

Within the first 3 months – 50%

Between 3 and 12 months – 70%

Renewal between 12 and 18 months – 80%


Acquaint yourselves with the individual phases of permanent cosmetic makeup creation

  • The initial consultation

During the initial consultation, our specialist will tell you how the whole procedure will transpire. You will sign the necessary documents and fill in the entry form.

You will tell the specialist your specific demands, based on which you will choose the most suitable technique together.

  • The proposal

Taking into consideration the scope of the planned application and the chosen technique, your specialist will create an individual proposal and prepare a draft of the area that is in need of correction. Together, you will determine the ideal shape and agree on the final look.

  • Choosing the ideal pigment

The specialist will chose the shade of the pigment that resembles the colour tone of your skin the most, taking into consideration both your age, skin type and its current condition.

  • Applying the anaesthetics

Local anaesthetics in the form of a special cream will be put on the whole area of application.

  • Preparing for the procedure

The specialist will prepare all the instruments and disposable tool that will be needed during the procedure. We place great emphasis on sterility and your safety during the procedure.

  • The application itself

The duration of the application is dependent on the area that needs correction. Its size also plays a great role.

  • Recommendations for the aftercare

Immediately after the procedure is over, your specialist will hand you the recommendations for the subsequent aftercare. The final result is 50% dependent on abiding by those.


It is important to us that you leave our aesthetic clinic satisfied, and for that reason, we will consult every single step of the procedure with you and pay attention to your individual requests while applying permanent makeup

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