It’s hard to imagine modern life without stress and haste. Among everyday worries, there is not always time for proper rest and sleep, and having a snack on the go has become a common thing. All these factors, chronic diseases or heredity, influence our skin condition, especially under the eyes. That’s why dark circles become frequent guests on our face.

Modern cosmetology offers many ways to solve this disadvantage. Today, we will talk about perhaps, the fastest and most painless one – the aesthetic camouflage of under eye circles.

The main advantages of the technique are:

1. Safety and painlessness
Camouflage is carried out with a special machine that delivers the pigment to the upper layers of the skin to a depth at about 3 mm. The procedure does not affect capillaries or nerve fibers of the skin. Dermapigmentation specialist can also use an anesthetic cream or gel to remove any discomfort during the procedure.

2. Short rehabilitation period.
Aesthetic camouflage does not require any special care, and the result is visible almost immediately. You will be able to return to your usual life literally in a few days.

3. The pigments do not clog pores or dry the skin.
Unlike any covering cosmetic products, the pigment cannot clog pores. It contains organic skin care ingredients with reflective particles. Thanks to them, the skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

4. It covers the imperfections but does not emphasize wrinkles.
Well-covering concealers quite often emphasize wrinkles around the eyes and add some more years. There’s no need to choose between the color and the light texture anymore. The pigments are sprayed into the skin layer by layer. They look natural, but at the same time, cover the reddening and blueness. Thus, the result will look as close to the complexion as possible.

Aesthetic camouflage is a gradual process that takes place in several stages and enhances the masking effect with time. The method helps to get rid of under eye circles and to preserve the natural look of the area.