AR Lips – PRO

Lips micropigmentation allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of the lips most naturally and accurately, give them a more saturated color, fill the lips with a seductive volume without any cosmetic products (gels, fillers, etc.), and adjust the shape.

In the advanced lips micropigmentation course „Nude Lips PRO“ , we will pay special attention, we will pay a special attention to the most common mistakes made by PMU artists and find out the main criteria on which a good result depends. All the theory is based on a practical demonstration and education with a deep analysis of the stages.


Who is this course meant for?

For practicing specialists, who had undergone a poor quality lip blush training and have many unanswered questions pertaining to permanent makeup.
For practicing specialists who are not always satisfied with the results of their work when comparing it against other specialists.
For specialists who wish to get more information, so that they can continue to learn and grow in the field of their choice.