AR Brows (microblading) – without mistakes

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What is microblading?

Improve and perfect your microblading skills and advance your career as a cosmetologist. Our microblading course “Brows without mistakes” will teach you everything you need to know to create those perfect brows!

Microblading appeared more than 20 years ago in Asia and has been popular among the PMU artists around the world. This technique imitates the natural growth of hairs. It helps to solve the problem when it is necessary to apply more serious techniques for eyebrow restoration. The hairs look natural and voluminous.

The technology uses special thinnest needles located at the right angle in a particular sequence and implant the pigment into the skin.


When the technique helps

  • For the correction of natural defects in the shape of eyebrows for a long time.
  •  To mask gaps and scars on the eyebrows, so that the natural hairs do not differ from those drawn.
  •  To recreate the natural look of the eyebrows with their complete absence (alopecia, trauma) or sparse hairline.
  • To fully simulate the natural growth of eyebrows.