AR Eyes – without mistakes

Dive into the world of aesthetic camouflage and permanent makeup with AR Aesthetics Academy, accredited by the Czech Ministries of Health and Education. Our elite courses pave the way for your professional success, offering you the opportunity to work legally across the EU with EUROPASS certificate. Ignite your career with AR Aesthetics – your shortcut to aesthetic expertise and professional triumph.

The technology we will teach you during the eyelids micropigmentation course “Elegant look PRO”In the course, you will learn how to

  • Hold the device correctly so that your hand does not get tired.
  • Do not deepen the stroke during the procedure.
  • Quickly and accurately, draw a symmetrical sketch so that it does not get lost during the procedure.
  • Correctly choose the shape of the lash line so that it fits the face features and eyes of the client.
  • What errors affect a healed result.