AR Brows (powder brows) – without mistakes

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The spraying technique allows you to “finish” the missing areas of the eyebrows, to give rare or liquid eyebrows a thick, well-groomed, and voluminous appearance. Our micropigmentation course „Powder Brows without mistakes“ will teach you how to master this technique!


Technology advantages

  • Aerial eyebrows without a clear unnatural contour.
  • Ability to make the eyebrow both light translucent and saturated.
  • The ability to work out even the smallest nuances: lengthen the tail, give the desired shade, create a more expressive eyebrow apex.
  • Allows you to adjust even fair eyebrows.
  • Quick and easy rehabilitation period
  • The pigment does not fade, the hue only gradually loses saturation.

A good result in micropigmentation depends on hundreds of subtle but important nuances that can only be learned in practice.


In our „Powder Brow“ course, we pay special attention to the 4 most important components, without which a good result will not work:

  • correctly placed hand,
  • understanding of skin tension and pigment administration depth
  • uniform, easy application without deepening
  • a well-drawn sketch that will fit the features of the client’s face and will not “run away” during operation.

It is at these stages that more than 80% of mistakes are made, so, during our “Powder Brow” training, we will pay special attention to the development of these components in PRACTICE.

Who is this course meant for

For practicing specialists, who had undergone a poor-quality basic course and have many unanswered questions pertaining to permanent makeup.
For practicing specialists who are not always satisfied with the results of their work when comparing it against other specialists.
For specialists who wish to get more information, so that they can continue to learn and grow in the field of their choice.

During this course, I will teach you

  • How to avoid the most common mistakes
  • How to create a fine eyebrow start
  • How to work without a clear contour, transition and stains
  • How to draw an outline that will not begin to disappear during the process
  • The proper hand posture and working with the manual pen
  • What is a correct stroke
  • How to determine a correct depth and coloration of the eyebrows
  • What determines the number of strokes
  • Work without local anaesthetics