AR Brows (microblading) – PRO

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When the technique helps

If you’ve undergone a basic microblading training, and now wish to take things a step further, the advanced microblading course “Perfect Line PRO” is the correct choice. Learn this technique under the supervision of an experienced specialist and become better at your craft!

  • For the correction of natural defects in the shape of eyebrows for a long time.
  •  To mask gaps and scars on the eyebrows, so that the natural hairs do not differ from those drawn.
  •  To recreate the natural look of the eyebrows with their complete absence (alopecia, trauma) or sparse hairline.
  • To fully simulate the natural growth of eyebrows.

The basis in microblading, as in any permanent make-up, is a correctly placed hand and the correct drawing of a hair.


During the course, you will learn

  • How to hold the handpiece correctly and confidently.
  • How to make a beautiful beginning of the eyebrow to make it look natural.
  • Do not deepen the drawn hair in the process
  • Quickly and accurately draw a symmetrical sketch so that it does not get lost during the procedure
  • Correctly draw beautiful and natural hairs on different types of eyebrows
  • What mistakes affect a healed result