AR Brows (pudrové obočí) – PRO

The spraying technique allows you to “finish” the missing areas of the eyebrows, to give rare or liquid eyebrows a thick, well-groomed, and voluminous appearance.

In the advanced micropigmentation course “Powder Brows PRO”, we will pay special attention to the most common mistakes made by specialists and highlight the main criteria on which a good result depends.

All the theory is demonstrated in practice with a mandatory analysis of the stages.


Technology advantages

  • Aerial eyebrows without a clear unnatural contour.
  • Ability to make the eyebrow both light translucent and saturated.
  • The ability to work out even the smallest nuances: lengthen the tail, give the desired shade, create a more expressive eyebrow apex.
  • Allows you to adjust even fair eyebrows.
  • Quick and easy rehabilitation period
  • The pigment does not fade, the hue only gradually loses saturation.