Microblading Course

During our intensive, 2-day microblading course, you will learn everything necessary to begin your career as a specialist in this permanent makeup technique.

During the last two decades, this method became immensely popular throughout the world. No wonder, since few other procedures are able to truly simulate natural growth of eyebrow hair, thus easily solving what would otherwise require more complex eyebrow reconstruction techniques.

The pigment “hair” created with microblading looks truly natural. If you’re looking to master this technique, look no further than the courses we provide at out parlour!

  • You will learn all the necessary theory of this technique
  • But immediately, you can put that theory in practice, first on latex, then on real model under our guidance
  • Individual attention is paid to every student – we will tailor the course according to your abilities
  • At the end of the course, you will be presented with a certificate of successful completion
  • We also provide all attendants with a little gift at the end
  • Food and refreshment is provided!
No permanent makeup artist can practice without knowing microblading! While attending our course, you will learn this technique in no time! Sign up

Who Is Our Microblading Course Intended For?

Well, for everyone who wishes to become a permanent makeup specialist in the first place! In this particular course, we’re aiming primarily to teach beginners. But even those who are already practicing stand to benefit here. After all, it’s always important to go back to square one from time to time and refresh what you already know. So don’t be shy to join even if you’re already familiar with the basics!

If you’re already somewhat proficient and comfortable with the basics, you might want to try and increase your skill . Our advanced microblading course “Perfect line PRO” might be just the thing for you!


Looking for microblading courses near you? If you’re in Prague, you’re in luck!

Well, you’re in luck even if you’re from outside of Prague. But locals have it even easier to access our parlour, located in the Na Čečeličce street in Prague’s Smíchov district. Being very close to the city centre, its location shouldn’t be out of reach to anyone! Just a few steps form the Bertramka tram stop, and you’re here! Check out the map – we’re not hard to find!


Now, Back to the Microblading Training – Why Should You Give It a Go?

There are many ways in which applying permanent makeup on the eyebrows can greatly enhance one’s appearance. Everyone stands to benefit from it, but it is especially recommended in the following cases:

  • For long-term adjustments of natural defects in eyebrow shape
  • For masking the gaps or scars that make your eyebrows look sparse
  • To completely recreate the look of your eyebrows if you’ve lost them (from alopecia, cancer treatment, trauma or other issues).
  • To make up for naturally very thin and featureless eyebrows
A specialist who can successfully remedy the aforementioned things will never be short on customers, that we can assure! Become such a specialist with our help! Count me in!


During Our Eyebrow Microblading Course, We’re Going to Teach You All About…

  • Making the initial eyebrow sketch, reflecting the client’s actual features
  • Skin types, shades and how to choose the correct pigment for them
  • Proper hand placement
  • Correctly holding and manipulating with the microblading pen machine
  • Drawing the hair in a proper way so that it doesn’t look fuzzy, beginning with a nice, correct start and a natural-looking stroke.
  • Working without a sharp contour, so that the eyebrows look as natural as possible
  • Fixing the mistakes you eventually make – don’t worry, it can happen to everyone!
All things needed to set you on a path of a skilled microblading professional, you can learn during this course! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Help me learn this technique


What is included in our microblading course costs?

The total price of our course includes 14 hours of intensive training during 2 days in total. We will tend to you both individually and in small groups with other participants. All of the consumables, as well as food and refreshments, are included in the price. Upon finishing the course, we will also present you with a gift, which includes:

  • A workbook, summing up the microblading foundations in detail
  • Beginner’s basic equipment set, which includes:
  • A microblading handle
  • Five needles
  • Ten caps
  • Sketching pencil
  • Vaseline sachet
  • Latex leather to practice on
  • Photo documentation of the work you did during the course, which you can add to your portfolio

In addition to that, we also offer free private chat support during the next few months. You can consult us on anything with regards to microblading, or send pictures of your work and we’ll give you feedback.


Our Microblading Training Course: Day One

The training will take place at our parlour over the course of two days. At first, you’ll be required to fill in and sign the contract, after which we’ll start with basic theory.

The first theoretical part deals with the absolute basics of microblading, such as:

  • What it is, how does it work, and how does it fit with the other permanent makeup procedures.
  • Which tools are needed, and how should your workplace and office be equipped
  • How the agreement is drafted.
  • How to determine the price for an individual procedure.
  • How to communicate with the client.

After the first part, you can have a break and enjoy a tasty lunch, after which we’ll continue with some more theory. This time, we’ll delve right into the basics of this technique!

  • First of all, we’ll deal with potential contraindications to this procedure.
  • How is preliminary eyebrow design done? How to sketch correctly?
  • Choosing the right tools and needles and setting them up.
  • Pigments and their properties
  • How to select the correct pigment shade with regards to the type and structure of the skin.
  • The most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • After that, we’re going to practice drawing hairs in the workbook under the tutor’s guidance.
  • We’ll also set aside some time to answer your questions

After that, there will be a short break, and then we’ll move on to the practical part. You will learn how to properly hold the pen and the correct arm posture. Then you’ll practice the strokes on a latex skin. With that, we’ll conclude day one of your training – see you tomorrow!


Learn Microblading Basics in Two Days! Here’s What Awaits During the Second One

Welcome back to the second day of training! The schedule will be as follows:

  • You will learn about pre-procedural consultation and the filling of necessary forms prior to the procedure.
  • The tutor will then demonstrate the actual work on a volunteer model. You can watch, learn and ask questions as you see fit.

There will be a short break, and then we’ll recap the main stages of the procedure you’ve just witnessed. There will be lunch after that!

  • Now is the time for you to shine and put everything you’ve learned into practice! You will work on real models under the careful supervision of the tutor – don’t be scared!

When you’re finished, you can take a few moment’s break, and then we’ll discuss the overall results of your work. In the end, you will be presented with a professional certificate – welcome to the ranks of PM specialists!

Of course, you will need to work hard to truly master this art. Practice is the key! If you’d like to deepen your knowledge and skill set some more, you’re welcome to try other courses from our academy, for example our microblading course “Brows without mistakes”, or any other courses from our Academy!

Learn to create perfect brows today! Our course can be a stepping stone on your way to become a sought-after specialist!
  • AR Brows (microblading) – for beginners
    AR Brows (microblading) – for beginners
  • AR Brows (powder brows) – without mistakes
    AR Brows (powder brows) – without mistakes
  • AR Brows (microblading) – without mistakes
    AR Brows (microblading) – without mistakes
  • AR Brows (pudrové obočí) – PRO
    AR Brows (pudrové obočí) – PRO
  • AR Lips – PRO
    AR Lips – PRO
  • AR Brows (microblading) – PRO
    AR Brows (microblading) – PRO
  • AR Eyes – without mistakes
    AR Eyes – without mistakes
  • AR Camouflage of Dark Circles under Eyes – PRO
    AR Camouflage of Dark Circles under Eyes – PRO
  • AR Camouflage of Skin Defects – PRO
    AR Camouflage of Skin Defects – PRO
  • “BB Perfect Skin” course
    “BB Perfect Skin” course