Semi-permanent makeup course

Do you want to make this world a bit more beautiful? Do you wish to avoid the artists´ frequent mistakes and develop your permanent makeup skills? You can join our semi-permanent makeup courses. Our qualities are presented by at least seven years of experiences and numerous certificates. You will learn from the bests.


Less theory, more practice

What we learn from is the practice, not only the theory. Throughout our permanent makeup training there are real models at your disposal to try all target theory in practice.

With our cosmetic tattoo certification, you are able to start applying permanent makeup straight away after completing the course. In your own practice you can use working sheets with plenty of instructions.

We stress on an individual approach. We pay attention to each student even in group classes.

Our permanent makeup school is led by practicing highly qualified specialists. They are well versed in newest permanent makeup technologies and they are ready to share their experiences with various methods.

No matter whether you´re beginner or advanced cosmetologist. If you wish to refresh your knowledge and deepen it even more you can sing up for advanced micropigmentation courses.


Permanent eyebrow training will attract more customers to your studio

The most precious reward of our job is when we can see our clients smiling, more confident and satisfied with themselves. Even if we only enhance the beauty of their face by setting off their eyebrows. The difference is huge. The face looks permanently refreshed and even younger. And the client leaves happier.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are the most popular among the clients. Such as, you can take advantage of having the eyebrow tattoo service on your list. Microblading is aimed in one of our essential training where you become confident in working with the hand piece and making a beautiful strokes. Also we teach you how to apply the pigment into the skin and much more.


Learn from the mistakes

Don´t do the same mistakes as many permanent makeup artists did. If you are not satisfied with the lip tattoo training you underwent and your results aren´t always the best we are here to help.

Our advanced lips micropigmentation course focuses on the most common faults seen in the wide practice. We´ll go deeper into the field and we´ll demonstrate on the model how to reach better results.


Offer full service in your permanent makeup studio

The most complete your services are the more customers come to your studio. Each woman wants to be perfect and look younger. And many of them suffer from dark circles under the eyes that don´t get along with the image of beauty. With us you learn how to correct blueness and redness, spider veins or uneven skin colour.

If your clients desire of perfect skin you´ll help them out to reach it. BB perfect skin course will teach you the innovative technology to refresh and rejuvenate face and smooth the skin tone out.

Our permanent makeup academy is particular in individual or small group sessions. Whatever you´d like to know about cosmetic tattooing we are here to answer. If you´re ready to step further in your practice sign up in our cosmetic school.


The training is conducted in the form of individual and group classes in the following areas

  • AR Brows (microblading) – for beginners
    AR Brows (microblading) – for beginners
  • AR Brows (powder brows) – without mistakes
    AR Brows (powder brows) – without mistakes
  • AR Brows (microblading) – without mistakes
    AR Brows (microblading) – without mistakes
  • AR Brows (pudrové obočí) – PRO
    AR Brows (pudrové obočí) – PRO
  • AR Lips – PRO
    AR Lips – PRO
  • AR Brows (microblading) – PRO
    AR Brows (microblading) – PRO
  • AR Eyes – without mistakes
    AR Eyes – without mistakes
  • AR Camouflage of Dark Circles under Eyes – PRO
    AR Camouflage of Dark Circles under Eyes – PRO
  • AR Camouflage of Skin Defects – PRO
    AR Camouflage of Skin Defects – PRO
  • “BB Perfect Skin” course
    “BB Perfect Skin” course